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Here at Paul Johnston-Psychology Professional Corporation, it is our sincere wish to help heal problems our patients are experiencing. But even if you’re not our patient, we’d like to do what we can to share our knowledge to help you manage issues you may be experiencing. That’s why we offer this blog. We will post articles on various topics that we hope can be of help to you in your day-to-day life.

  • PTSD Thunder Bay
    Heal the Trauma: Treating PTSD

    One of the areas Dr. Paul Johnston has a special interest in is treating people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you have it, this disorder can have a detrimental impact on your life, and can put you at risk for developing other mental health issues or medical conditions.

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  • marriage counselling Thunder Bay
    Even the Happiest Couples Can Benefit from Counselling

    Many people may think of couples counselling as a last resort, but the truth is, it can make almost any relationship stronger, even a happy one. Marriage counselling need not be reserved for people on the brink of separation, but very much can be used as a tool to strengthen and build relationships. In fact, many Thunder Bay couples can benefit from counselling, regardless of the stage of their relationship.

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  • Depression in Thunder Bay Ontario
    Are You Experiencing Depression?

    Feelings of sadness, anger and agitation are a completely normal part of the human experience. But if these feelings persist for more than two weeks and are interfering with your ability to carry out your daily activities, than you may have depression. Not everyone experiences depression in the exact same way.

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  • Forensic Psychologist in Thunder Bay Ontario
    Evaluations Performed by a Forensic Psychologist

    Thanks to our collective obsession with crime shows on television, the job of forensic psychologist is now a part of a lot of Canadians’ vocabulary, even here in Thunder Bay. Although, in reality, practicing forensic psychology doesn’t look a lot like it does on TV, it’s a fascinating job that helps a lot of people in a lot of different ways, from the courtroom to the counselling centre. All forensic psychologists hold advanced degrees in psychology or one of its sub-divisions of study. Although there are a lot of different forms it can take, forensic psychology is essentially where general psychology and the law meet.

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  • Counselling in Thunder Bay
    Getting Help: What to Expect in Your First Counselling Session

    Admitting to ourselves that we need help dealing with our mental or emotional state is no easy thing. It’s important to understand that despite lingering stigmas, there is absolutely no shame in the desire to get your mental health under control. Now that you’ve taken the first step, what should you expect throughout the course of your first session? The office of Dr. Paul Johnston, your counselling centre in Thunder Bay, will walk you through how to begin working toward a more manageable future.

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  • Forensic Psychologist in Thunder Bay Ontario
    Forensic Psychologists: What Do They Do?

    Psychological difficulties and issues are common amongst people, whether in our neighbours, friends or even ourselves. These difficulties can eventually result in impairment, impacting our relationships, work and even our ability to get up in the morning. Whatever the nature of your concerns, Dr. Paul Johnston wants to help you find relief offering psychological counseling and psychotherapy in a safe and encouraging environment. Counselling services include marriage counselling, conditions and disorders, post traumatic stress disorders, and forensic psychology.

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  • Depression
    Managing Depression and Anxiety

    Depression and anxiety are the most frequently seen problems in psychological services. Interestingly, they tend occur together so if you experience both sets of symptoms, please know this is a common struggle.

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  • Trauma counselling in Thunder Bay
    Overcoming Traumatic Experiences and What to Do Next

    At our counselling centre in Thunder Bay, we commonly see clients who are experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties as a result of a traumatic experience. Trauma can take many forms and can be caused by wide range of life experiences. For example, trauma can be the result of an isolated incident such as a car accident, or an ongoing experience such domestic violence.

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  • Visiting a counsellor in thunder bay
    What Is Stopping You from Visiting a Counsellor?

    Many Canadians struggle with emotional and psychological difficulties but do not seek help due to the stigma many feel is associated with mental illness. In some cases, people fear negative judgment from other people such as friends or colleagues. At other times, they may feel scared or ashamed themselves because of the negative stereotypes in our society about mental illness. The fact is, you are not alone!

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  • Happy couple after marriage counselling
    How Marriage Counselling Can Help, Even for Happy Couples

    In our society, there are many competing demands for time and attention. Despite our best intentions, this can lead to struggles within our marriage or relationship. Unfortunately, the relationship difficulties can affect our work, our children, and our emotional well-being.

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