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What Is Stopping You from Visiting a Counsellor?

Visiting a counsellor in thunder bay

Many Canadians struggle with emotional and psychological difficulties but do not seek help due to the stigma many feel is associated with mental illness. In some cases, people fear negative judgment from other people such as friends or colleagues. At other times, they may feel scared or ashamed themselves because of the negative stereotypes in our society about mental illness. The fact is, you are not alone!

In Canada, one in five people suffer from some form of mental illness and it can affect anyone regardless of age, race, social status or education level. Chances are, we all know someone close to us who has been affected by a psychological difficulty such as depression, anxiety or trauma. Start taking steps to deal with these struggles and enjoy the fulfilling life you deserve. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Reach out to someone you trust and tell them about your decision to seek counselling. The support and encouragement you receive will help keep you motivated.

  • Counselling centres, like Paul Johnston Psychology Professional Corporation, ensure that your safety and comfort is a top priority.

  • Talk to your employer. Many organizations are supportive of their employee’s psychological and emotional needs and often provide financial compensation for services.

  • Learn about mental health and wellness and learn to understand that mental illness comes in many forms. The media often portrays mental illness in a dramatic, exaggerated and negative way. In reality, mental illness is often a hidden and temporary difficulty that can aggravate your difficulties in your everyday life.

  • Recognize and overcome your own personal barriers to seeking help. What kinds of things are you telling yourself that may limit you to seek help? Take the first step towards positive change in your life.

  • Allow yourself to feel empowered that you are taking responsibility for your mental health.

Visiting a counselling centre can be a daunting task, but you do not need to be afraid, nervous or embarrassed about the way you feel. Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety, anger difficulties or other issues, there is a safe environment at Dr. Paul Johnston’s Counselling Centre in Thunder Bay. From relationship counselling to anxiety management, contact Dr. Paul Johnston today for a safe place to heal.


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