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Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About PTSD


Almost 4% of people in the U.S. have PTSD. Dealing it post-traumatic stress disorder is a challenging battle that unfortunately leaves many people fighting for their lives. Nobody can fight it alone, and people with PTSD often need help to live their lives. Luckily, the PTSD treatment Thunder Bay clinic is available for them. All they need is someone to push them towards getting help. And to learn how to identify when someone may be struggling with PTSD, just keep reading below!


1. PTSD Can Manifest in Many Different Ways


PTSD is a complicated mental health issue to understand since it can affect people in so many different ways. It can cause people to neglect basic hygiene and lead to severe depression. If someone experienced a traumatic event, they might even bring it up at inappropriate times. This doesn't mean a person is dangerous or immediately needs help. It just means they need people to be there for them.


2. Complex PTSD Treatment is Possible


While PTSD is generally well understood by most people and by mental health professionals, C-PTSD can be complicated. This is a kind of trauma-based disorder rooted in something that is simply difficult to explain. For example, adults who witnessed the death of their parents as children may have C-PTSD. Although they may appear to have recovered from the grief and trauma it caused, they can still process that loss. It can be hard to explain why they may still be dealing with it so many years later. And without being able to explain it, mental health professionals can only diagnose them with C-PTSD. That doesn't mean they can't be treated, though! It just takes time.


3. PTSD Can Come From Family Issues or Financial Stress


Often, people think that PTSD is the result of something someone sees in a warzone or while away from home. However, events at home can traumatize people just as much as a deployment overseas can. Most of the time, these kinds of traumas can be difficult to talk about too. Most people understand why it can be frightening to see guns go off and face battle. However, it can be hard to understand why some people may find it hard to think of abuse experienced at home. Severe financial issues can also be traumatic, such as if someone can't pay bills for groceries or to keep their home.


4. People With PTSD Often Struggle to Connect Emotionally


Struggling to connect with other people can be caused by tons of different mental health issues. It can be a result of severe, untreated depression or even ADHD. PTSD is one of the ones that can cause people to feel alone in the world, which can then lead to even worse issues later on. The best way to prevent these sorts of feelings from spreading is to simply reach out. Talk about whatever is on your mind with friends and family. It will help relieve some stress that you may be feeling, and it can help people understand where you're coming from.


5. PTSD Isn't Necessarily an Anxiety Disorder


PTSD used to be considered an anxiety disorder by mental health professionals across the world. They thought that a specific kind of trauma could cause extreme anxiety if memories of it are triggered. Now, many professionals have changed how they view it. It can manifest as extreme feelings of shame or guilt instead, which isn't exactly like anxiety. These feelings can cause severe impairments in most people's lives, and the feelings can last for months and years. Sometimes, PTSD treatment medications can help.


PTSD Treatment Thunder Bay Services Are Available


The PTSD treatment Thunder Bay clinic is here to help anyone who needs it. Nobody should ever face the dark, grueling thoughts that PTSD can bring. They definitely shouldn't ever have to face them alone. If you or someone you love needs help, just reach out to us. We will help you create a PTSD treatment plan.


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