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Recognize When to Seek Help From a Mental Health Therapist

Mental Health Therapist

It is estimated that one out of every seven people in the world suffers from a mental or substance abuse disorder. That comes to over a billion people worldwide and leads to the belief that "suffering is just part of life."


The belief that to seek the help of a mental health therapist is a sign of weakness and unwillingness to accept the reality of our lives is an all too common stigma of society.


Nothing could be further from the truth. Millions of people suffer from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and overwhelming stress in their life. Yet, at the same time, millions have found help through proven methods of psychotherapy.


You know that therapy has dramatically helped others, but how do you know when to seek help for yourself?


Signs It Is Time for a Mental Health Therapist

If you experience any or all of the following signs of mental illness – ask for help. Our mental health professionals at Thunder Bay Psychology, using proven methods, will answer your call with compassion and understanding.


Emotional Turmoil

Emotion is all part of the human experience. Like colours of the rainbow, we are meant to feel a variety of emotions as we live our lives, and those feelings themselves, while normal, can feel overwhelming.


It is when we come to believe that these emotions define us, that we can begin to suffer greatly, shifting us away from what we consider to be our "normal" or usual state of mind. In this new and distressed state of mind, we can feel as if peace and contentment are unattainable.


If you find yourself saying things like, I am always sad, angry, anxious, or any other emotion, it could be time to speak with someone about your mental health issues.


Loss of Interest

Do you remember the excitement and joy you had as a child to learn, explore, and anticipate beautiful things yet to come? That is not "being a child" but rather being alive. When we feel at our best, we will seek activities, interests, hobbies, and passions to bring fulfillment to our lives.


Do you find yourself filling your time with things only to pass the time between life's responsibilities, but don't really enjoy them? When life feels pointless, we lose interest in the very things that once gave us great joy. Its at desperate times like this that we can turn to someone to help us regain a sense of purpose and meaning.


Negative Self Talk

The simple truth is that our thoughts define our reality. It may seem cliché, but a positive outlook and perspective on life is the key to happiness. There is an old saying; “That which we focus on becomes bigger” and can often define our way of seeing the world.


Does your mind tend to take you to the darkest side of every situation? Are you constantly dwelling on what terrible thing will happen next in your life? Constant negative thoughts about yourself, others, and the world around you can be a very difficult perspective to shift away from-give us a call and let us help you try and change that.


Enough Is Enough

Don't continue to believe that your suffering is "all part of life" or that it is the true or accurate way to see life. Call us and let us try and help you to shift to a perspective of contentment, and excitement of the endless possibilities life has to offer.


Mental health therapy has the power to change everything. Take back control of your life with a straightforward decision to call for help today in Thunder Bay.

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