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Overcoming Traumatic Experiences and What to Do Next

Trauma counselling in Thunder Bay

At our counselling centre in Thunder Bay, we commonly see clients who are experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties as a result of a traumatic experience. Trauma can take many forms and can be caused by wide range of life experiences. For example, trauma can be the result of an isolated incident such as a car accident, or an ongoing experience such domestic violence.

These negative experiences can have real and profound effects on the way that we view ourselves, other people and the world in general. Often these beliefs are not helpful and can interfere with our ability to live a normal, happy life. If the trauma is not properly addressed, individuals can go on to develop additional difficulties such as depression or anxiety. It is important to consult with a psychologist soon after involvement in a traumatic experience to help you process the related emotions in a healthy way. Some examples of traumatic experiences we can help with include:

  • Childhood physical, emotional or sexual abuse

  • Domestic violence

  • Involvement in war activity

  • Exposure to natural disasters (fire, tornados, hurricanes, floods)

  • Sexual assault

  • Motor vehicle accidents or other serious accidents/injuries

  • Threats of violence or abuse

  • Seeing someone hurt or killed

  • Historical/intergenerational trauma

  • Neglect or bullying

Of course, there are no limits to the type of traumatic experiences that we can go through in our lifetime. If you have been the victim of one or more of these circumstances please call Dr. Paul Johnston’s Psychological Services to ensure you get the help you need. We will guide you through your recovery in an environment that is safe, compassionate and understanding.

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