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How Marriage Counselling Can Help, Even for Happy Couples

Happy couple after marriage counselling

In our society, there are many competing demands for time and attention. Despite our best intentions, this can lead to struggles within our marriage or relationship. Unfortunately, the relationship difficulties can affect our work, our children, and our emotional well-being.

Although the love often remains strong, couples may require a little outside help to address the ongoing issues between them. There is no shame in seeking marriage counselling to facilitate change and increase relationship satisfaction. Even happy couples attend regular relationship counselling for their marriage in order to learn how to best make each other feel heard, loved, and understood. The skills that couples develop in marriage counselling can benefit them both now and into the future.

In our practice at Dr. Paul Johnston, we strive to provide counselling that make individuals feel safe and comfortable in their appeal for help. Our therapeutic efforts are guided by: open and honest communication, warmth, compassion and peaceful attempts at problem solving. Here are some ways that relationship counselling can help you and your partner:

  • Poor communication tends to be a major problem for many couples. Marriage counselling can help you to become more comfortable expressing your feelings and opinions in an honest and respectful way. Successful communication also involves active listening which is both empathetic and free of judgement.

  • Understanding that although you may not always agree, it is important to accept and understand each other’s viewpoints.

  • Explore the ways in which conflict is typically handled and learn new strategies that may be more productive and effective.

  • Help you to address the tough topics of trust and forgiveness.

  • Recognize what is underlying your unhappiness? It is a lack of time, attention, appreciation? What can you do differently to make sure your partner feels important?

  • Implement strategies to increase enjoyment, emotional connection and intimacy.

  • Discuss common struggles that occur within the household such as: parenting conflicts, money management, fair division of responsibility and validation.

  • Reinforce your commitment to each other and making things work in the relationship. Coming to counselling is a positive step that highlights your commitment and dedication.

Whatever struggles are important to you as a couple are important to your marriage counsellor at Dr. Paul Johnston. These qualified individuals can provide mediation for life’s common relationship problems. Relationships are not always easy, it takes work. Seeking marriage counselling is an indication of a strong and resilient bond between two people.

Contact us today to take the first step towards a more satisfying relationship.

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