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Even the Happiest Couples Can Benefit from Counselling

marriage counselling Thunder Bay

Many people may think of couples counselling as a last resort, but the truth is, it can make almost any relationship stronger, even a happy one. Marriage counselling need not be reserved for people on the brink of separation, but very much can be used as a tool to strengthen and build relationships. In fact, many Thunder Bay couples can benefit from counselling, regardless of the stage of their relationship.

Not Just for Tough Times

A marriage counsellor doesn’t just help couples deal with conflict, they also teach couples how to communicate effectively and provide an impartial sounding board. The following times in a couple’s relationship may be ideal for counselling:

• Before you get married

There’s a reason some religious denominations require premarital counselling before performing a marriage ceremony. It’s a way to make sure you have a strong, healthy relationship, and allows you to discuss your views on important subjects like sex, finances and having children in a safe environment. Your counsellor can also teach you communication tools for when you run into difficult times.

• Before you have kids

The first year of parenthood is a time of change, and the responsibility of taking care of a baby coupled with a lack of sleep can be tough on a marriage. Counselling before the baby’s born can help you make important parenting decisions together, offer parenting advice and teach you how to remain a connected couple while also settling into your new role as parents.

• When you retire or become empty nesters

After decades of focusing on family and work, it can be difficult to live as a couple again, especially if one or both of you are no longer spending most of the week at work. People may realize that they’ve grown and become different people they were before having kids. A skilled counsellor can help you reconnect, and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

You Don’t Have to Be Married to Benefit from Marriage Counselling

Don’t be put off by the term marriage counselling, any relationship can benefit from this type of counselling, even if you’re not married.

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your bond with your partner, Dr. Paul Johnston’s counselling centre in Thunder Bay can help. Call us today to start making your relationship a priority.


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