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Does Marriage Counseling Work? Here Is What You Should Expect

Marriage Counseling

Most couples are aware that marriage is not easy. In fact, there is a one in three probability that a Canadian couple gets divorced. There are many factors that may ruin a marriage. These include financial issues, adultery, negligence, and many other root causes. The good news is that a marriage counselor can help you. Studies show that therapy helps about 70% of the couples that come in. Read on to answer the question, does marriage counseling work? Explore the benefits of marriage counseling and how couples therapy can save your relationship.


Improved Communication


One reason that marriage counseling works is that it teaches a couple how to communicate. Some partners tend to shut down and stop communicating altogether. Others cannot have a conversation without yelling or fighting. A professional counselor is going to overcome this barrier to a successful marriage. The counselor demonstrates communication techniques that help each partner explain their feelings. Marriage counseling also teaches each partner how to actively listen to their spouse. The counselor uncovers what language triggers each partner and causes hurt feelings. The end result is improved communication at home. By using the learned communication techniques at home, the couple is able to resolve some conflicts without the help of a professional.


Address Root Causes


A counselor is trained and experienced in determining the root cause of marital issues. There are so many different things that can upend a marriage. The common causes of marital strife are financial, sexual, and traumatic situations. Other issues are also significant such as jealously, stress, and boredom. With both partners in a safe environment, they can disclose what is bothering them. In some cases, the counselor discovers an underlying issue that neither partner was aware of. When these issues are out on the table, partners can commit to resolving them with a professional hand to guide them.


Build Trust


Trust is the foundation of most successful marriages. Couples therapy is a place where you can re-establish trust and draw realistic relationship expectations. A counselor specializes in healing the wounds that cause trust issues. They also can help rekindle romance and passion in a relationship that is currently lacking either.


Positive Building Blocks


Marriage counseling does not work for every couple. There are a few things that the counselor looks for. Successful counseling depends on two partners who both are willing to engage. You have to commit to listening and honestly expressing your feelings. Both partners need to find hope and confidence in the counseling process. Results are not always going to happen overnight. However, it is imperative that both partners are committed to attending and participating.


Does Marriage Counseling Work?


With the right ingredients, marriage counseling can work for you. It depends on two partners who are willing to express their feelings and committed to making changes. Also, success relies heavily on taking what you learn home and resolving conflicts without professional help. If you are still wondering does marriage counseling work, contact us today to schedule an appointment with a professional therapist.

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