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Counselling for Depression: Finding Hope and Healing

It's easy to feel alone when suffering from depression, but you're far from it. According to recent statistics, nearly 28% of Canadians experience some form of depressive disorder. Luckily, help and hope are available with quality counselling and mental health assistance. Read on to learn some alternatives to antidepressants that will have you feeling up to par soon.


Signs of Depression


Depression is a common mental illness. It can impact the lives of people of all ages. The issue stems from out-of-balance neurotransmitters in certain parts of your brain, and there is a genetic component to it. Those who experience depression will often have:

·       Frequent feelings of sadness and hopelessness

·       Frustrated feelings over small problems

·       Heightened irritability

·       Difficulty getting out of bed

·       Sleep disturbances

·       A lack of energy

·       Loss of interest in hobbies and other everyday activities

·       Memory issues

·       Difficulty concentrating

·       Complex relationships with food (refusing to eat or eating too much)

·       Slowed thoughts or speech


Getting help is critical if you are experiencing these symptoms. Luckily, Thunder Bay counselling can help you get your mental health and daily life back on track.


When Should You Get Counselling?


If you notice any of the above depression symptoms, booking a counselling appointment is the first step toward feeling better. While one low-energy day may be normal, having several days' worth of low activity and feelings of helplessness is not. Don't ignore the wanting signs - seek help before they worsen. Trauma can increase your risk of depression, but so can everyday stressful life events. If you're having any major disruption to your routine or are feeling more stressed than normal, seeing a counsellor can help nip depression in the bud before it takes over your life.


Don't write off your struggling and suffering as a normal and natural part of everyday life. Simple counselling and other therapy strategies can shift your perspective back to one of everyday contentment. You'll be able to strengthen your relationships and engage with your hobbies productively and happily.


Is Therapy Effective at Treating Depression?


There's nothing wrong with taking antidepressants, but many people prefer not to. Even those who are open to them often seek counselling first to attempt natural remedies. Therapy is effective at treating depression for many people. A trained mental health professional isn't just a sounding board for day-to-day problems. They also can provide expert guidance on how to contend with everyday stressors and issues.


Quality professionals can also help you find underlying causes of depression, like post-traumatic stress disorder or personality disorders. If this is applicable, they can help you treat the root of the problem so that you can regain interest in your hobbies and forge your own path again.


Find Alternatives to Antidepressants


Now that you know why counselling sessions are quality alternatives to antidepressants, it's time to begin therapy in Ontario. Our team is committed to pairing you with a mental health professional who is trained and equipped to handle your specific needs. Reach out to Thunder Bay Psychology to schedule a counselling therapy appointment today.


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