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Benefits of Couples Counselling

Your romantic relationship is one of the most important relationships in your life. However, even strong relationships encounter difficulties. Couples counselling can help partners build the skills they need to navigate through life challenges in a healthy way. If you are considering couples counselling in Thunder Bay, choose Thunder Bay Psychology.

Here are a few ways that couples counselling can benefit your relationship:

1. Improves Communication

Effective communication is an essential aspect of any relationship. Often times, partners become engaged in unhealthy patterns of communication that can turn small problems into lasting conflict. A psychologist can help partners identify barriers to healthy communication while introducing skills that will allow individuals to express their needs more effectively in a way that will be well-received. Individuals at Thunder Bay Psychology utilize evidence-based therapies to improve communication skills, thereby leading to healthier conflict resolution and a stronger bond within the couple.

2. Builds Trust

Couples often end up feeling disconnected to one another for a variety of reasons including busy schedules, new life changes (e.g. children) or relationship ruptures. Counselling can guide partners through a process of re-connecting, re-building trust and identifying strengths in the relationship that can facilitate positive change

3. Develop Healthy Coping Skills

Couples counselling involves working with both individuals as one client. However, one or both of the individuals may struggle with their own unique needs such as difficulties regulating emotion, substance use or anger. Through couples counselling, individuals can learn healthy coping skills that will not only benefit them, but also the couple as unit.

4. Helps Avoid Future Problems

Counselling should not be reserved until partners are on the brink of separation. If you have problems in your relationship early on, it is important to address these issues early. New relationships can be challenging as individuals strive to integrate different values, goals and families. Counselling can help couples resolve minor problems that are likely to persist into the future if left unaddressed.

5. Helps You Connect

Counselling provides a safe space where individuals can have meaningful conversations with their partner without being interrupted by work or kids. In this context, couples can discover how the relationship has evolved, creating a deeper sense of emotional intimacy in the relationship.

6. Helps You Forgive and Let Go

In any relationship, it is not uncommon for ruptures to occur leading to people feeling hurt or misunderstood. These situations can occur intentionally or unintentionally. Counselling can support couples through relationship ruptures by promoting open and honest communication, facilitating forgiveness and guiding couples through the development of a plan for moving forward in the relationship.

Common challenges faced by couples today include:

  • Infidelity

  • Parenting challenges

  • Intimacy concerns

  • Financial difficulties

  • Anger problems

  • Mental health difficulties

  • Stigma in the community

Thunder Bay Psychology can provide counselling to couples from diverse backgrounds. Call us today to find out how our team of professionals can collaborate with you to help strengthen your relationship.

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