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Everyone has a distinct personality. A combination of thoughts, emotions and behaviours that makes each of us unique. At some point, however, people can be influenced by challenges they face in their daily lives. As a result, it can become increasingly difficult to respond to these challenges. Personality disorder is a mental illness which causes an individual to develop rigid patterns of behaviour. It affects an individual’s perception and reaction to different situations. These difficulties can result in severe mental health issues including depression. Seeking a consultation with an expert is very important, as it can help identify the causes of the disorder and offer suitable treatments. If you are in need of counselling, please reach out to us. Our therapists in Thunder Bay offer the necessary help and support someone with a personality disorder needs. Please call us to book an appointment.



Types of Personality Disorders

The types of personality disorders are classified into two clusters, A and B.

Category A

Individuals exhibit unconventional behaviour.


Category B

Individuals exhibit unpredictable and dramatic behaviour.


There are many different types of personality disorders including:

  • Antisocial

  • Avoidant

  • Borderline

  • Dependent

  • Histrionic

  • Narcissistic

  • Obsessive-compulsive

  • Paranoid

  • Schizoid

  • Schizotypal

What Causes Personality Disorders?

Most mental disorders begin in teenage years to early adulthood. Quite often, an individual suffering from a mental illness is unaware of it, however people around them notice changes. Many factors may affect your personality such as:

  • Abusive environment

  • Childhood trauma

  • Family history of mental disorders

  • Extreme stress

  • Pain and fear

  • Social negligence

  • Violence


The symptoms of personality disorder vary from person to person depending on the cause. Personality disorder is categorized into two types, mild and severe. This disorder can be identified by work, relationships and impulsive patterns of an individual. The symptoms of personality disorder are as follows:


  • Anti-social behaviour

  • Fear of abandonment

  • Feeling of disassociation

  • Feeling of negligence and emptiness

  • Frequent anger and anxiety

  • Impulsive behaviour

  • Mood swings

  • Self-destructive attitude

  • Unstable relationships

  • Violent behaviour


If you recognize any of these symptoms in your behaviour, consider consulting a psychologist or psychiatrist. Through detailed assessment and evaluation, they will recommend an appropriate treatment plan.


Why choose us?

If you have a long-standing mental illness, reach out to us at Thunder Bay Psychology. We are a qualified team of mental health professionals serving the Thunder Bay area. Through counselling and psychotherapy, we can assist in treating anxiety, depression, stress disorders and much more. With a solution-focused approach, we are committed to helping you reach your psychological goals. You can trust our thirty years of experience addressing our patient’s mental health, and well-being.


We are professionally affiliated with the Canadian Psychological Association and offer a complete range of services, including marriage counselling and mental health conditions. Whether you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or require marriage counselling you are always welcome here. It is our priority to make you feel safe and comfortable in our office.


Contact us today to book an appointment for an assessment. We’re here to answer any questions or provide additional information about our services, so please feel free to call.

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