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At Thunder Bay Psychology, we provide practical, interactive, solution-focused, and evidence-based therapy in Thunder Bay to address the current challenges and long-standing issues related to mental health and wellbeing. With sensitivity and compassion, we aim to help you resolve a wide range of psychological conditions.

Our psychotherapy and counselling approaches are rooted in scientific evidence and well-researched methodologies. As a result, we have been able to deliver active interventions that make treatment more effective and targeted.

CBT, DBT, EMDR and analytic therapy are some of the treatments we offer. These approaches are applied extensively, and their results are documented and evaluated, showcasing their effectiveness. Our team of psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers is well-versed in these treatments, and our practice is hinged on the implementation of medically proven plans of action.

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Why Choose Thunder Bay Psychology?

Blending the Best Elements of Multiple Proven Disciplines

We are invested in delivering a combination of the most effective approaches in a patient-centric manner. With the integration of complementary methods, we draw from a selection of styles and techniques to incorporate what is most helpful to each individual.

We serve a wide range of patients

The entire staff of Paul Johnston-Psychology Professional Corporation truly cares about each of our clients from the bottom of our hearts. We are very down-to-earth and compassionate people as well as people from all walks of life. We want to help our clients deal with PTSD, personality disorders, depression and trauma, and much more. The only exception to our client list is that we do not treat children.


Our best advertising tool is word of mouth

When you’ve been doing a consistently good job in treating patients as we have, word gets around. The locals here in Thunder Bay all know us and will tell you that we have a lot of experience and knowledge.

Dealing with challenging cases is something we like to do

In addition, we have earned our reputation for successfully dealing with the more severe cases of mental health problems. Our team has always felt that more challenging cases are also more rewarding. Irrespective of how simple or complicated your problem is, you can count on us for dedicated mental health services. 

We accept various insurance plans

Thunder Bay Psychology works with a variety of insurance plans, including but not limited to:


Call us for details on your insurance coverage, and let us put our two decades of experience to work for you!

The Benefits of Evidence-Based Therapy

When you or your loved ones face mental health issues, consulting psychologists who can deliver evidence-based therapy is a wise move. Let’s have a look at the benefits of an evidence-based approach:

  • Its clinical trials have been conducted on a large number of patients to study the techniques. 

  • Its risks and applicability are well understood.

  • For its implementation, psychologists can borrow from standardized plans and use specifically developed tools.

  • In some instances, it has delivered results faster than traditional therapy.

  • It focuses on empowering individuals and making patients self-reliant in the long run.

Rely on our registered mental health professionals for evidence-based therapy in Thunder Bay, which is in sync with scientific research, as well as your unique mental health goals.

Leave Mental Health Issues Behind

We help clients address current challenges and long-standing issues.

Counselling You Can Count On


Let us make your concerns our concerns. Reach out for help!

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