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As a forensic psychologist in Thunder Bay, Dr. Paul Johnston works often with people who need a diagnosis for their psychological or emotional issues and subsequently, psychotherapy. A registered clinical and forensic correctional psychologist with 30 years’ experience working in two hospitals, Dr. Johnston provides services to the judiciary system, and has also worked with the Thunder Bay Regional Health Services Centre (TBRHSC), and the Northwestern Ontario Sexual Behaviours Program (NOSBP) in the past. His job is to assess the patient’s psychiatric, characterological, and intellectual risk of recidivism and malingering assessment of forensic and correctional patients. Dr. Johnston has worked with both inpatients and outpatients in this area.

What is a Forensic Psychologist? Thunder Bay Asks

The goal of forensic psychology is to rehabilitate offenders and to eventually reintegrate them into society. However, every forensic psychologist in Thunder Bay and elsewhere also spends a good deal of time evaluating those accused of criminal offences. A forensic psychologist such as Dr. Johnston assesses defendants in order to determine whether someone was able to understand the consequences of their actions, and if they are fit to stand trial. Our forensic psychologist:

  • Provides therapeutic services

  • Evaluates the defendant’s mental health

  • Assesses a defendant’s state of mind

  • Conducts psychological screening of criminals and defendants

  • Investigates psychological disorders

Compassionate and Understanding

Forensic psychologists play a very important role in today’s society — that of keeping the general public safe from those who may be suffering from mental illness with violent tendencies. Actually, forensic psychology is a specialization of applied psychology — sort of a cross between clinical psychology and the law. Dr. Johnston can provide expert testimony in many types of cases and may actually provide court-ordered treatment in correctional facilities and in clinics. In this capacity, Dr. Johnston and other forensic psychologists must be able to think quickly and recall important details promptly, communicating clearly and often in laymen’s terms critical facts and figures about this area of study. However, Dr. Johnston also takes great care to work with his patients with compassion and sensitivity.

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As with every job, forensic psychology has its paperwork. As a registered Forensic and Correctional Psychologist working in Thunder Bay, Dr. Johnston writes many evaluation reports as a part of his duties. And with every report that he writes, he hopes, his patients move closer to resolving long-standing issues and life challenges.


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In addition to forensic psychology, Dr. Johnston also provides marriage counselling and post-traumatic stress disorder treatment.

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